Benefits of Working Together

I can guide you to make the best choices about your future, while honoring who you truly are. As a Certified Career Services Provider and Highlands Certified Consultant, I have over 20 years of experience helping those in transition live authentic lives.


I take a different approach with everyone I work with. You are unique and deserve to have your voice heard. With a warm and empathetic style, I will work with you to identify your passions, clarify your goals and create a vision of your future that you are truly excited about.

Unsure about your future: If you are trying to decide your best career fit, figure out your plan after high school, or what is next on your life path, I can provide you with guidance, tools and support to help you make the best decision for you.

Not sure how to achieve your dreams: If you do know what you want, but are unsure how achieve it. Together, I can help you let go of any perceived limitations and create a plan with realistic steps to achieve your goals.

My Story

I define the meme of how I try to live my life, as “Don’t Settle.” Not settling means being who you really are. No matter how hard it is, nor what anyone else thinks. This way of life has forced me to keep questioning who I am, what is right for me and was the catalyst for my most recent career transition (there have been many.) One could call it a mid-life crisis, but I prefer the term mid-life transition. But first I will share with you the story of how I got there.

Over 20 years ago, I began my consulting career as a Professional Organizer. This was something that came naturally to me… helping others and owning my own business. I specialized in working with artists and entrepreneurs in their home offices and studios. However, I quickly realized that when people are ready to organize their physical space, it is usually because they are also going through an internal transition or change. I decided that I wanted to offer more to my clients, so I began training as a Coach. I was then able to start helping people through their life and career transitions.

After about a decade, my career transitioned again and the focus of my consulting changed to Business Consulting for entrepreneurs and small business owners who were in transition. Most of the people I worked with wanted to take their businesses to the next level and needed help with hiring employees, marketing, process improvement and growing their businesses. I enjoyed helping people reach their goals and move to levels they didn’t think were possible.

It was at this point in my career that my family and I moved to a new state. After the move, I decided to stop consulting for a while. I had been doing it for a long time, and even though I loved it, I was tired and not sure where I wanted to go from there. My career then took an unexpected turn and I spent several years editing, proofreading and writing for other consultants. I enjoyed this work, but it was not deeply meaningful to me. I really loved writing, but I knew that this phase was coming to an end and continued to search for what was next.

I had two children graduating from high school soon, which made me feel the pull to go “back to work.” I felt like I needed a “consistent” and “stable” job. I had had several full-time office positions throughout my consulting career. However, I didn’t stay at any of them longer than a year and a half. I never liked working in an office, sitting all day. One could have looked at my resume and thought that I moved around too much. But if you looked at how long I owned my own business, it was obvious to see I could be dedicated and stay at something a long time.

After a year of job searching, I took a position as a Program Manager for a local company. On paper it was a great job… good benefits, close to home and utilized my experience and skills. But in actuality, it was not a good fit for me. After being there for 6 months, I knew I had to leave. This experience showed me that just because you are skilled at something, does not mean you should do it. There is more to a job than what you can see on paper.

Now unemployed and unsure what to do next, I was in crisis. What do I do now? I thought I would love management and this new industry, and I was sure that I needed a full-time job. But I didn’t know where to look now. I was not excited or motivated about my future. I was in limbo.

It was around this time I had several friends that were looking for jobs or considering job changes. Because of my background, people would often come to me when they were in transition and needed support. I coached my two friends through their transitions and helped then figure out their next steps.


Helping my friends realize their passions was infectious to me. I loved talking with them about what they really wanted, asking questions and seeing their eyes light up when they talked about something they were passionate about. What I realize now, was that these experiences were just as beneficial to me as to them. I felt myself come alive again. Helping them attain their goals was my passion.

Once I realized that I needed to embrace what I love and am naturally good at, the rest fell into place. I still had to work hard, but I truly believe that when you honor who you are and follow your path, things fall into place.

Over the next year I earned my credential as a Certified Career Services Provider from the National Career Development Center. I also became trained as a Highlands Certified Consultant, to administer the Highlands Ability Battery, an amazing career aptitude assessment that helps people uncover their natural abilities and strengths


Currently, I am thriving in my career helping others achieve their own. I live in Oregon and am happily married with two teenage girls. I am finally doing what I love and hope to make a difference in as many people’s lives as possible.


© 2019 Jennifer Armenta