Are you unhappy with your current job, unemployed or

returning to the workforce?



Any kind of transition can be difficult, but career changes are one of the most challenging. Writing a resume, job searching,

and interviewing can be exhausting. But trying to figure out what to do next, or even what you want to do at all can leave you feeling stuck and unmotivated.

If you are in transition, it is not uncommon to feel:

  • Insecure and anxious about your purpose or future

  • Apathetic or depressed

  • Unsure about your own strengths

  • Restless and distracted

Benefits of Working Together


My goal and passion is helping you make your transition more rewarding. Together we will create a vision of your future where you will thrive. With coaching, assessments and guidance, I can help you:

  • Gain clarity and focus about your future

  • Discover your unique talents and strengths

  • Increase your confidence and motivation

  • Create an action plan with realistic and attainable goals

The Challenges of Career Transition

Transition vs. Change


It is important to understand why transition can be so difficult. People often think that change and transition are the same, but they are distinctly different. Change is external; transition is psychological.


Change is something that happens outside of us (e.g., losing or leaving a job). Transition is the psychological process you go through when you let go of your old identity and create a new one.

Working together, I can support you through the challenging aspects of transition and help you realize that this can also be a time of self-renewal, personal growth and creativity.

The Neutral Zone


During this process, it is easy to get stuck in the Neutral Zone. This is when you start to let go of the past, but have not yet created a clear vision of your future.


This “limbo” phase can leave you feeling unmotivated and lost. Our culture doesn’t have a good way to talk about the Neutral Zone, so many people feel alone and vulnerable.


Learn more about surviving the Neutral Zone in my article, Career Transition.

How the Highlands Ability Battery Can Help


Everyone is born with inherent talents and abilities. When you know what you are naturally good at, and less focused on what you think you should be doing, it’s much easier to find your way in the world. People are the most fulfilled in their careers when they find an environment where they can thrive working primarily from their natural gifts and talents.

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is an effective assessment for exploring new careers, but it is also an incredible tool that assists in decision making at any point in your career. The HAB is an investment in your future, your career and your first step to renewed job satisfaction.


It’s time to discover what you do best.


Unlike any career assessment you’ve ever experienced, the HAB is uniquely capable of uncovering your natural abilities. A comprehensive series of interactive, virtual worksamples that give you an objective, in-depth report of what you’re naturally good at.

Regardless of whether you are looking to change careers, unemployed, seeking a promotion or considering retirement, your HAB results will give you fresh insight and knowledge to help you move forward.

As a Certified HAB Consultant and can help you get the most out of your HAB results.


Contact me now to sign up for the Highlands Ability Battery.

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